Ambitious DJs take over Middlesbrough | Touring Teesside

Two budding entrepreneurs have started up their own DJ events business in Middlesbrough. Jak French, 24, runs Northern Sound Alliance (NSA) along with the help of Aaron Connor, 20, who attends Cleveland College or Art & Design. Jak, who has always had an admiration for the dance scene,  said: “I went to my first free party about four years ago and fell in love with the scene and how the organisers took the time to run them.’’ With the added risk that the party could be shut down at any

Touring Teesside Tipple Cocktail | Touring Teesside

THE sun is shining and the weather is sweet! Just like our homemade Touring Teesside Tipple that you can now make yourself. I’ve always loved milkshakes, I think it must be the child in me, but as I’ve grown older it’s been missing a more ‘sophisticated’ taste. So I have concocted a yummy treat for you to make for yourselves and your friends to relive those youthful years. Of course you can pick and choose everything I have shown to your liking, add more treats on top or even go for a compl

Be Quiet. Shout Loud! A journey into the disco | Touring Teesside

Be Quiet. Shout Loud! are a 6-piece rock band from Middlesbrough. Vocalist Jake Radio fronts the band as well as running the Mixtape nights at The Keys in Middlesbrough. The band released their first album ‘Live at the Georgian Theatre’ in 2010 and regularly play songs from the track list. I went along down to the Mixtape night to catch up with the boys and find out what is on the cards as well as seem them perform live. Jake certainly knows how to put on a performance, his patterned scarf a

Singers speak of Inside Teesside’s event | Touring Teesside

THE Green Room in Stockton was home to an Inside Teesside event with three brilliant singers, some of whom had showcased their talent on X-Factor and The Voice. Headlining was Olivia Lawson, contender on the voice, with support acts Bre Musiq and Boo Music! All three acts provided a variety of music which pleased the audience a lot. Boo Music! with her angelic look and sweet nature, had an amazing voice perfect for opening up the night. Bre Musiq offered that cheeky chappy vibe, he thoroughl

Exclusive with Inside Teesside | Touring Teesside

AFTER a fantastic night of music, singing and laughter we met with the man behind the scenes of Inside Teesside. Twenty-one-year-old, David Clark from from Stockton has just put on his first ever music event in Teesside. It is admirable that his first night was such a success and I’m sure the rest to follow will be the same. He said: ”I’ve always been involved in charities so it’s always nice to give back to the area.” As well as looking to expand their nights into Middlesbrough and Hartlep

Alcohol Alchemy at Lotus Lounge | Touring Teesside

I never would put a Pan-Asian Restaurant and Cocktail bar together but that’s exactly what Lotus Lounge in Yarm is. Aesthetically pleasing, the atmosphere when you walk in is enough to make you want to stay. I ordered a Red Lotus off the menu which consisted of: Absolut Raspberri, Kwai Feh Lychee Liqueur, Cranberry Juice and  Fresh Lime. I love lychee on a normal day so to have one in a fancy glass mixed up with all other delicious flavours was a treat. I have to admit I owe some of my Tour

Want to make your own cocktails like a professional? | Touring Teesside

I’M a sucker for a good cocktail, so when I got offered the chance to watch and learn how could I resist? Even though they only opened in December, they have a loyal fan base and have definitely made a mark on the drink scene. The lovely Panos Mourgelas bar manager at Macy Browns met with me to go over some basics as well as showing me how a ‘Miss Macy’ specialty cocktail was made. Panos said: ”I started making this drink when I began behind a bar, this was almost seven years ago. Itâ

Teesside Talent: Have you heard of Zach Said? | Touring Teesside

ZACHARIAH  Said is a third year student at Teesside University completing his degree in Computer Science. When he isn’t tackling computers he takes to his guitar and vocal chords, creating music written by himself. Professionally he has been performing for two years and it all started here in Middlesbrough! ”Personally, I played a gig once there was about 15 people and they all listened, I made a girl cry but for her to get my feelings, feeling the same way as me, was pretty big for me.â€